Triggering a Jenkins build every time changes are pushed to a Git branch on GitHub

In this post, I describe how to set up Jenkins and GitHub so that a build is triggered when a change is pushed to a specific branch.

Note that, in general, a Jenkins job can only have one trigger. So, as an example, if you want a trigger on pull-request and a trigger when some changes are pushed to a specific branch, you will need to define two separate Jenkins jobs.

Table of Contents

1 Jenkins configuration

On your Jenkins job page:

  • Go to Configure.
  • Select the Source Code Management tab.
  • In the Branch to Build section, Branch Specifier (blank for 'any'), then enter the branch you want to follow, here I am following the branch devel.
  • In the Build Triggers tab, select GitHub hook trigger for GITScm polling.
  • Click Save.

2 GitHub Configuration

On the GitHub web site:

        • Go to your repository’s page on GitHub.
        • Select Settings, Webhooks, Add webhook
        • In the Payload URL enter:

        • In Content type select: application/json.
        • In the box Which events would you like to trigger this webhook? select¬†Just the push event.
        • Click on Add webhook.
        • Once your webhook has been created, you will get a message on the top of
          your browser window that reads:

          Okay, that hook was successfully created. We sent a ping payload to
          test it out! Read more about it at

        • As you see GitHub sent a ping to the jenkins server. You can check that
          it was successful by clicking on the webhook we just created,
        • Scroll down to the Recent Deliveries and look at the response, you should
          have a 200 return code that is green, otherwise something went wrong.

2 thoughts on “Triggering a Jenkins build every time changes are pushed to a Git branch on GitHub

  1. Hi David,

    New blog layout looks great! I like the videos, although I need to view them in full screen since the resolution is a bit low when it is embedded.

    One question: if each build job can typically only have one trigger, why does the Configure > Build Triggers section allow the user to select multiple triggers? I understand that the GitHub Pull Request Builder and GitHub plugin are mutually incompatible in this case due to the PR builder’s use of ${sha1} in the Branch Specifier field of the Source Code Management, but is the restriction true in general?

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